GYBE – as multifaceted as a kaleidoscope, as versatile as your life

Behind every good product stands a good idea. It is far from certain that a good idea will result in a good product. Several factors have to come together in order to bring about a proper realization and that certain something. It is only with the necessary elbow room, years of experience, the right team, and the courage to seek out new horizons, that a vision can become reality. This is the standard which RGD™ Ralf Groesel Design has set for himself. All GYBE products stem from his pen and profit from his years of experience with leading sailing and kiting companies. His visionary and at the same time functional approach to design – not to mention his love for detail – are the guarantee for extraordinary GYBE products, which set new standards and convince with a qualitatively high-value fabrication and modern aesthetic look.